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Above Ground Oil Tanks
Install An Above Ground Oil Tank

Hilltop's above ground tank sale!   

Steel Tank Blowout Sale!

138-Tank Installed $1,799

275-Tank Installed $2,199

330-Tank Installed $2,399

Call for pricing on 2 or more tanks.

*Prices subject to change without notice

Above ground tanks include: Vent alarm-Tank gauge, Tank Flanged legs, Scully Unifill oil fill, Fire-Rated oil valve, Scully fill cap, vent cap, Black steel fill and vent piping and Fuel oil supply line. Call 973-277-2828 or Toll Free 1-888-OIL-MANN today for a free estimate. Price does not include permit fees, which are billed at our cost. Supplies limited so call today!

Above ground tanks are safe and if properly maintained can last many years! All of our tank installs come with a one year warranty and if you purchase fuel oil from us on our Auto-Delivery Plan, we will add 2-years to the warranty! Call now as prices are subject to change without notice.

Here at Hilltop We were raised with "Old Fashioned" values and work ethics. We strive for complete satisfaction for all of our customers, building life long relationships is what we at Hilltop are all about. Sign up as a Full Service Automatic Delivery Customer and get a 2-1 GOLD Service Plan.

Hilltop Fuel sells only quality fuel oils. Our delivery trucks are set so they don't pump fast, by doing this we don't stir up sediment that can cause service problems. In addition we don't wait until your tank runs extremely low to make a delivery.

    Typical Above Ground Steel Tank

  • Tank Legs
  • Tank Seam
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Supply Line
  • Exterior Wall
  • Vent Pipe & Cap
  • Vent Pipe Line
  • Oil Fill Pipe
  • Tank Gauge
  • Tank
  • Prime Coat On Tank 


Roth Double Wall Oil Tanks